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Elie Joseph Pitre



Windows into Yesteryears

One man’s closure through a historical journey of his ancestral past  

A historical book dedicated to the history and linage of Pitre's 

This book is a culmination of over 30 years of research by the author. It is highly anticipated the content will prove to be very informative and perhaps thought provoking and controversial. There are many thousands of genealogy books written over the history of humans. However, how many books have you found that are dedicated to exploration and documentation of the Pitre's? This book should prove to be the first of its kind in many respects. There are many stories about the origins and history of the surname Pitre as well as who are these people. The author’s intent of this book is not only to report the ancestral blood lines of the earliest documented Pitre's. It is also a testimonial of one man’s journey into life long questions, hunger for knowledge and thirst for absolute universal truth. With the passing of his farther, came the inspiration and wisdom to tie multiple lifetimes of historical data, education, experiences and memory together for the purpose of adding closure to a very painful as well as rewarding and enlightening chapter in one’s life. Many stories have been told about the Pitre's and their origins. Exploration into authenticating the validity of such stories and theories is one of the primary purposes of the author’s search in addition to closure. Closure in that which provides the means and inspiration to go on with the search for ones true destiny and capability towards one’s one legacy in life. Some of which contains surprising conclusions backed up by authentic documents. Others pure logic, and still for others the truth may never be known. .Who was Jean Pitre living in 15th century Port Royal Acadia? Was he from France? Or was he maybe from England as some would suggest? Maybe neither? Perhaps the analysis of documented history holds surprising clues towards answering this age old question and others? 


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